Goodbye Spring Flowers!

I woke on this day…. to hear the rain at bay.

The gentle caress of summers heat across my face…. not one worry left a trace.

Waves lapping at my toes… As the wind tosses my hair to and froe.

Summer has began on this day….wishing always for it to stay.

New Summer line from Emerald Couture. Get your Couture on today.


  • Emerald Couture Somah Short
  • Emerald Couture Somah T-Shirt
  • ShoeDdiction Somah Sandals                                                                                  

Also included:

  • Kunglers Duda Bracelets – L & R – Gold
  • AvaWay Cindy Necklace
  • Exile Blown Away Hair -Natural Fusion
  • Punch Butterfly Kiss Diamond- Left
  • Punch Diamond Nose Ring L
  • La Sirena Amour Waist Chain
  • Swallow Princess Ears- L & R


Published by Lydia Palmer

Model for Audace Fashion Modeling, Southern Style Modeling Agency, TFL Modeling. Teacher at Audace Fashion School of Modeling, Student of L'Amour Fashion University, Aspiring Photographer, Fashion Blogger, and Inspirational Blogger.

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